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Gus is a 6-year-old, 17-hand bay Thoroughbred gelding. This athletic gelding retired from a successful racing career last summer, and is ready to take on his new career as an eventer. He's progressing well and should be ready to start showing locally by the end of May, with his recognized horse trials debut this summer.
While in Aiken this spring, Katie was able to take Gus over for a lesson with Olympian and coach Stephen Bradley. After watching Gus work on the flat and then over fences, Stephen told Katie to do whatever necessary to keep this horse in her barn. Gus has "4-star" written all over him, and Katie is the one to take him there!

Mr. Indiscretion (Trip): 2000 | 16.2h Thoroughbred gelding

Trip is your typical redhead - a little dramatic at times, and very sure that he's the best out there. Katie has taken her time with Trip, another racetrack find and it has certainly paid off! He recently made the move up to Preliminary and looks like he'll go far in the eventing world. He's a good jumper and a good mover, and most importantly, he loves his job and tries his heart out. Katie is currently looking for part-owners in Trip ... contact her today if you're interested in investing in this talented gelding's future!

Texas: 2006 | 16.1h Thoroughbred mare

Every barn needs a princess, and Texas has taken on this role with pleasure! Texas was being trained by racehorse trainer Tim Tullock, when she cracked a shin in October of her 2nd year. Knowing that this filly had more in her future than just racing, Katie was given Texas for free. Now 4 years old, Texas knows her basics and has started jumping small courses. Katie has never been more sure of a horse's star quality than she is with Texas. If you'd like to invest in this future star, contact Katie today!

A Normal Fling (Jeffrey): 1998 | 17h Thoroughbred gelding

Jeffrey had a rough start to life. After a brief career at the racetrack, he was all but abandoned at a woman's farm. A friend of a friend alerted Katie to this large handsome gelding, and after liking what she saw, Katie wrote a check for $1,000 and took him home for some TLC. A natural, Jeffrey did his first novice six months later and never looked back. While he can be a tad mischievous, Jeffrey is by far the most well-behaved horse of the group. He's a definite momma's boy and likes nothing more than a long afternoon nap in the field. Tragically, Jeffrey shattered his ankle just as he was getting ready to move up to Advanced. After a successful surgery, he is back under saddle. But only time will tell what the future holds for Jeffrey.

Digger: 1990 | 16.2h Thoroughbred gelding

Digger, a homebred of Packy and Judy McGaughan's Banbury Cross Farm, has the distinction of being Katie's first Advanced horse. Katie bought him as a 4-year-old while working with Packy. Digger is now retired at Rock Solid Training, and Katie remembers him as being the ultimate teacher - very demanding, but also very forgiving. Even as he enters his 20s, Digger is still in charge of everything at the farm, and is sure he still has a lot to teach those around him.