Rock Solid Training
Rock Solid Training
Katie Wherley

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Eventing is composed of 3 phases, each having specific requirements. Dressage focuses on communication between horse and rider to create a unified package that moves freely through the movements of a dressage test:

  • I have a classical dressage background
  • I teach the horse how to correctly engage hind end in a well balanced frame
  • The emphasis is on balance, rhythm, and impulsion

Cross country also focuses on the horse and rider being a team, but requires more strength and training to complete the course successfully:

  • teach the horses to gallop in a balanced and controlled manner over varying terrain
  • train them that it is there job to jump when they are asked, stopping is not acceptable
  • teach them to maintain a steady rhythm and balance all the way to the base of there jumps
  • school them to understand different speeds and to see all types of jumps (water, ditches, banks, etc)

Show jumping is very similar to cross county, but asks the horse to be athletic as well as careful and patient:

  • emphasis on the differences between cross country and show jumping (speed, balance and frame of gallop)
  • school them in grids to teach balance, patience and correct jumping technique to ensure clean rounds
  • make sure they understand combinations, narrow fences, bending lines and jumping on angles


This is by far my best area of riding and training. While mostly doing eventing I have competed in the jumpers as well as sold show jumpers. The training is similar to that for show jumping in eventing:

  • add in the training of speed and quick turns while maintaining balance and control
  • good eye and feel for those that will succeed in this part of the sport


This is similar to training for eventer show jumping, but further enhancing the need for balance and rhythm.

  • emphasis on slow, regular gaits
  • train the horses to hack with a long top line and pointed nose
  • use gymnastics and other excercises to improve the 'bascule' of the horse's jump
  • while not a big hunter competitor, I have sold several nice hunters, have a knack at achieving the hunter mentality with most horses